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night of awesome

So earlier we danced at Silicon, which was kind of ridiculous in that there were more dancers (and their SOs) than actual audience members, but hey, I love sharing Ringa Ringa (speaking of, I need to dig up the link and post that here), and it's always fun to get tarted up for the stage and wear my lehenga.

Then it was off to Dandia! Ellie and I went to Jamba (and me to In 'n Out for fries, which took freaking forever), at Mercado, which was a little funny as she was in salwar and me in lehenga, and both of us full of makeup and hairspray, but hey. We walked up to the entrance just as Vikashni arrived, which was perfect, and proceeded to have a great deal of fun, even if there wasn't nearly enough actual dandia dancing. Lots of garba, which we didn't really know the steps for (especially not for the awesome really fun-looking stuff, alas), but it was fun to watch, and we jumped in here and there. Everything ran late, and announcements went forever, and we barely got to dandia (yay sticks! mine have bells at the end) before we had to run off, because it was Kelly's debut as a tranny in Rocky Horror tonight!

Corli and Breanna were wearing a cheongsam and kimono, respectively, so I just stayed in my lehenga, rounding out the Asian look. It's quite chilly to hang out outside in a sleeveless choli, let me tell you. But the show was a lot of fun (<3 Bawdy Caste), and I only got maudlin right before the slow dance (last time I was there, it was as a couple, and well), but the gorgeous security guy rescued me (seriously, I was sitting next to this spazzy and incredibly drunk young man all night, who grabbed me at random moments, and I know he expected to dance with me), which was pretty damn nice.

Now it's time to go pass the hell out, after scrubbing all this makeup off my face.


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Oct. 4th, 2009 10:18 am (UTC)
omg sleep time for me too, lol

but i had fun! <3 yay for water. ;)
Oct. 5th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming!!! You guys being there made the night even more special and I appreciate it even more after seeing how you fit it into an already busy night... I'm glad Michael (aka gorgeous security guy ;) came thru in a pinch! :)
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