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Yeah, more more rum now!

So I'm over at Chris and Christy's for xmas eve dinner, and its brilliant. Excedelltent company, fantastic efood (Im in love with the creamaed spinach), and oh, hey, ther's beooze. Wine to start, and I added more wine to the Glogg (wtheres' an umlaut, but I can't possibly), and oh overboozed my eggnog (MORE RUM, MORE NOG) and I'm having a Very GOod Night.

And then they started ragging me about my extreme pingkenees (that 's pinkness, really, because I go pink when tipsy), and sai something about the rum being gone, and Teo started crowing the subject line, which was every kind of adorable.

I also apparently say "It's good times" a lot while drinking. ANd Christy's mom brought a puzzle that is entirely too chanllenging, although that migh be the drink talking. Althogh in the spirit of Horse/Hippotamus, I started going "puzzle/posting" while being distarcted by theis.

sadly, my LJ subscription has expired so my icon selection is truncated (hey, I spelled that right, but HI TRUN, that made me think of you), and you'll have to make do with sily Twilight instead of something proper, but hey. Imagine I'm the captain of teh carpait (look at that spelling, that's amazing) ship. So maybe more later, but hi LJ land, I hate your 30-second Bst buy adds, so don't load you very often anymore. <3 anyway


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Dec. 25th, 2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing it with us. Because, remember kiddies, trauma shared is trauma lessened.

(I need a good Hrithik icon, I think, too.)
Dec. 26th, 2009 05:32 am (UTC)
Good Times
I just want to say I really like the phrase "overboozed my eggnog."

Merry Christmas!!
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