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Right in the ear!

Gosh, it's been awhile.

I meant to post a couple of times, about how this guy asked me out after Fanime, and how great everything was, but kept being distracted by being happy, and never got around to it. And then he dumped me a few weeks ago, which I also haven't managed to post about, as I kept being distracted by being miserable. I am, I'll admit, making some Facebook updates, because I just haven't been as loquacious of late (hush, Andy, I'm still not ready for Twitter). But I'm finally getting over it (see subj line), and have something better to talk about.

See, because of all this, I went down to visit flit for a few days last week, to get out of my house and head for awhile. She mentioned that she'd been meaning to acquire tickets for Shakespeare Santa Cruz, to support them and because of previous well-liked shows. When she said the magic word ("Midsummer"), I quickly helped her make this happen. And being a lucky girl, I got to see Shipwrecked! last Wednesday afternoon, and was utterly enchanted by it. Wonderful staging (the stripped down effects=awesomesauce), incredible acting, just everything; made me forget for awhile, as I laughed and stared in wonder.

(on a similar note, I saw Ponyo last weekend, which I also utterly adored. This won't surprise anyone who knows me and a single thing about the film (ok, maybe two things, because "Miyazaki" was all I needed to hear), but I didn't know it was all oceany, and OMG, any movie where I can endlessly play "spot the cephalopod" is made of win.)

This afternoon, we saw SSC's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is my favorite Shakespeare play (shocking, I know), and the only one I've ever seen performed live (by Shady Shakespeare several years back), so this makes twice. It was incredible. My only complaint is that I didn't see it earlier in the season, because I so very much want to go again, and oh god, to see it at night. Daytime was marvelous too (except for the shafts of sunlight that filtered through the trees at various points, providing glare and a slight sunburn for me, though I bet my hair looked glorious), don't get me wrong, because you could see everything, all these costume details and make eye contact with the actors (I of course totally fell for the Puck, which will surprise nobody), and it was just awesome. But hot, and the sun, and oh, would I love to see this at night, with the fog machine and the lighting (the music cues were marvelous, I bet the lighting's just as good), and oh man. But (woe is me, I know), I have plans tomorrow night (and Saturday, and Sunday), and it all ends on the 30th. I can't wait to hear how Julius Caesar is!

I'd post more random OMG moments from the play, but I think they probably come off better with my excited self and the gesticulation I invariably employ, so will relate those in person as I see people, variously. It does make me want to see more Shakespeare, though, and hope so very much that SSC will survive, because I'm in for next year, if so. Now I'm going to go sluice off, because I drove straight from Scruz to ebonlock's house to help cook dinner (so much good food, and yay to see jakejr), still have dirt caked on my feet from the play (mmm, woodchips), and have basically been hot for the last 9 hours. Nice cool shower and a book, I'm thinking.

that kind of night

I know this is totally last-minute, but anyone local want to go out somewhere? I kind of really want to get drunk, and won't do it alone.

pull the other one, it's got bells on

Hiiiiii. I've been up for almost 4 hours, and man, is that weird.

I went with Chris and Christy and young sir to watch Morris dancers as they danced up the sun. It was marvelous, and chilly and kind of magical and we had a thermos of hot tea and delicious blueberry muffins, and it made me miss Minnesota and the Flash Girls and the Renn Faire, my old fairygirl college days. We did actually get a little glimpse of the sun, between the mountains and the clouds, and there was a short sprinkling of rain just as the dancing finished, which was right and wonderful.

And once again, everywhere I go, someone compliments my hair--I'll have to get some recent pictures up, or something, to share the magnificence (I have never been this in love with my hair, or so completely thrilled by and confident about something regarding my appearance, and it's refreshing). Which is always a nice way to start a day, nay, start a month.

Christy and totling and I went to Baji's just now, because what I wanted more than anything was a plate of eggs and hash browns, and gosh, was that the most perfect thing ever. Now I'm gonna go pass out for a few hours, before taking LA to the train station and eventually getting to dance class (hopefully I won't be as much of a zombie as last week, when our teacher called me out to cheer/wake up (and did, because she's so awesome, and how can you not be bouncy to a Punjabi number?)). Happy May Day, everyone!

there's still rum left, really

tamago and I watched Bachna ae Haseeno (which she gave me for my birthday, along with the excellent Chak De! India) last week, and I quite loved it. Surprisingly cathartic in ways, and utterly charming overall. I've had the song "Jogi Mahi" stuck in my head more often than not for the last several days, so I share it with you now. Makes more sense within the context of the movie, though Ranbir Kapoor is adorakable (Kit, he has a Nose, you'd love him), plus boy can dance, and I find Kunal Kapoor infinitely tasty, which helps.

Also, if I ever get married, I'll have to make sure my dad gets drunk enough and teach him to do the Punjabi shoulder-shimmy dance, because any celebration without an elder statesman getting down like that just isn't quite right, anymore.

So those pictures! I'm getting soberer, and have been making silly jokes on WoW, but slowly processing stuff, and hey, look at me, picures up in a single night, tha'ts new. Well, except for certain--lalala, not talkkng about those. <.<

We decorated eggs! Liz was all artistic and awesome right off the bat, and Raven's only got cooler, but I started off with the glitter and safety scissors, totally on purpose, yeah. o.O Then this sad purple-red-purple egg that I dropped on the head, and well, it wasn't really worth recording, poor thing. Then I got my cephalopod on (why won't the Firefox spellchecker learn that word?!) and did a triptych egg, with octopus (there's a siphon, really!) and cuttlefish sides, along with the ever-elusive architeuthis, which quite refused to photograph clearly, to my vast amusement. I also did a pretty blue ocean egg, although using a white crayon on white egg was not the best choice, while full of rum.

And then, ahahaha. I can't remember if we started talking about sex toys before or after (I like mine quite a lot, thankyouverymuch), but Raven was unpacking these press-light things, and gosh, didn't they just look liek boobs to our drunken, juveniel brains. Liz, being ever awesome, took up my suggestion to put dots in the middle and went to town with a crayon and oh ahahahaha. Then Raven had to make sure they worked, and well. Good times.

Also, I'm still quite drunk, ok (just got up for more water, and whee), but it appears that mayonnaise has not magically appeared in my fridge at all. Christy is making waffles and Ellie's bringing fruit and I"m making deviled eggs and we're watching Easter Parade tomorrow brunchish (though nothing can ever top last year's long-awaited horror-movie Easter, for me), and since mayo is all soyful, she's making such so I can properly devil the eggs, and I guess I'll just pop round a little early tomorrow. I'm prettysure I"m not just too drunk to be missing it in there. really. Though holy crap, it's late, I must sleep before said brunch, I poofinate.


Every time I say hello like that in guild chat (yes, on Warcraft), Kevin asks me if I'm drunk. Right now, I am, so it semed appropriate. Although my icon is inaccurate, as the only carpet in the house is in Jim's room. And I don't mean mine, I trim.

I had a perfectly lovely dinner with moonlightnrain and lizzzie_lou (hey look, I remembered to add you, though your name has an extra z, you sneaky monkey) at Zao, although the menu has changed entirely from when I was last there several years ago. Peanut sauce so subtle as to be unrecognizably peanutyyt, which is kind of sad, but still very tasty. And then the strolling and popping into the cake store and the yogurt place and the boostore and then the cake store again (swap the books and yogurt), and mmm.

And then we went back to their place to dye easter eggs, because hey, tis the season. Or maybe that wasa few monthsagol. ZBut I broght along my awesome NEON food coloring (from the cleaning-out of Good Heavens! quite some time ago, ILU all) and we got creative and it was fun. One of my eggs is totally special neesd, but that's what I was going for, reallyl. And well, Architeutheus (shut up, I'm drunk, I could to9tally splly that normally) refused to be photographed, just like in the wild, but I did a cephalopod (some words I get right, even if Firefox doesn't know them) egg, because I'm like that. Oh, I meant to upload pictures, let me go do that.

Oh yeah, an dthere was booze, altough we had to raid my booze shelves for it(didn't take any of your awesome stuff, Jim, promise, just mycrappy coconut rum, cuz mmm) and had said rum with Oj and mmmmm. I had kind of a lot of it. Rather really a lot of it. And more before I left. So hi! Pity I haven't peopel around me to make this drunken post funnier, although Jenna is hilarious and when I said (yea, I logged into warcraft, sht up) that I wasn't at all allowed to anwer the call someoen mae for a tank in Trade chat (that sentence kind of got away from me a litte), she said "DRUNK TANK"a nd I laughe an laughed because I _am_. Or would be. If anyone was foolish enouh to let me tank for htem righ tnow.

Oh right, pictures. Maybe I'll post this now while I't still amusing, and come back after doing pictures with another post, beause that's going to take awhile to get through (have to run through loiie3 different image crap things because I'im a spaz). Yeah, hi, ok.

la la la

Things making me gleeful right now:

Miss Kage's vet visit tonight was quick and relatively painless; there's some concern over a bump on the wound, but I'm hoping it's just an aberration and will heal away quickly. We only have to bandage her every other day, now, and she's so much more like herself that it's just a joy to see (even if it means she's feisty and crabby and fighting treatment more).

The amazing fleur de sel caramel chocolate cake made by dangerpudding, which my housemate thoughtfully brought me a piece of. I like needed some alone time after having part of it last night, and am finishing off the rest now, and OMFG, so good.

Finding this incredibly tasty way to make asparagus, sauteeing it with garlic and a bit of olive oil and salt, so the garlic caramelizes a bit and I have to lick it off the plate, it's so good.

Jaelan (my paladin alt) got NEW PANTS, the awesome tier 7.5 pair dropped in Heroic Vault of Archavon today and OMFG, I was so thrilled I kept waving my hands around in excitement and squeeing, though I was all alone. Kirat doesn't even have any 7.5 pieces, and it was an enormous upgrade for my girl. I've been working on her a fair bit, learning to tank, getting through some heroics and the drops on my wantlist, but raids are mostly not gonna happen, as I keep her as backup reserves for our 10-man runs, and am not sure I'm up to 25-man yet (as it'll all be strangers), so it's really exciting when something like this happens.

And my legs are doing a lot better, though I still don't want to kneel on my left knee, and I'm trying to be careful of my ankles. Dunno WTF that was with the EXTREME PAIN ORDEAL last week, but I'm glad it passed quickly (just a normal strained ankle the morning after).

Plus the weather's gorgeous and there's some fun stuff this weekend and yeah. Happy April!

hi, I'm an Aquarius

And I have weak ankles. That much, at least, holds true from all the horoscope stuff. Nng.

Because I will insist on making my life difficult, I managed to trip/walk wrong while carrying in Kage's new litter pan last night. I thought I twisted my right ankle, as I came crashing down onto my left knee, but as I discovered several hours later, I really hurt my left ankle much worse. See, I kind of vaguely iced my knee, elevated my left leg while lying in bed on the phone with my dad (it was his birthday yesterday), but didn't really think anything of it. So I sat down to run the planned instance with my guildmates (priest is 76, so I'm nearly to a 3rd at 80), and did some other stuff after until realizing around midnight, "hey, my ankle really hurts," so went to lie down and put my foot up.

Had a hard time getting comfortable, but kind of drifted for awhile...until I woke up at 1:30am in absolutely excruciating pain. The entire outside of my left foot was throbbing, burning, stabbing pain, and nothing I could do made it better. I tried lying on my side or back with the foot up, but nothing; moving it would stop the pain for a few seconds, but as soon as I stopped it would come screaming back. And then I discovered that I have no pain meds, just these bullshit homeopathic pills that have never done a damned thing for me. So I sobbed and snorked through several Kleenex, not wanting to wake anyone who I'd normally ask for help, and even Jim has Mel visiting right now, so I didn't want to inconvenience two people. I staggered down the hall once, and back again, saying "no, no, I can't bother them," but ten minutes later I finally knocked on his door, just unable to bear it any longer.

Mel is some kind of angel and gave me a Percocet, and I was finally finally able to sleep after that, plus I stuck an ice pack under the brace from the last time I messed up my ankle (I'm just equalizing things, now, since that was the right), which may have helped. Today it's still sore, and I can't really bend it worth a damn, but having a shoe and the brace on, plus Motrin from my neighbors means I can move around a little bit. So I'm going next door to watch a movie with Christy, and have a pizza on the way, and now I need some happy healy thoughts too (thank you so so much for everyone's support and comments for Miss Kage; it really means a lot), please. Hapless, I swear.

too much to even sum up

I've meant to post for like a week now, and just keep psyching myself out of it, there's too much to say at this point. So this may be disjointed, or I'll do it in a couple of posts, I dunno. Yeah, that works, because this week is too big not to go on about, maybe I'll get back to last week eventually.

So Kage had another vet appointment on Saturday, and the doctor said that while her numbers were not awesome, he wanted to go ahead with the tumor removal on Monday. I took her in that morning so Ellie wouldn't have to rearrange her work schedule, and spent the rest of the day quietly freaking my shit out. See, anesthesia scares me, my mom's had bad reactions to it, the whole idea of it alarms me no end. And Kage's old, and we knew it was going to be hard on her system, and if something happened to her during the procedure...the last time I'd have seen her was apologetically putting her into the cat carrier, and her hating me for it. As I got in my car, I kept thinking "I should have asked to go back with her, to give her a cuddle when they take her out of the box, something," and couldn't get it out of my head for the rest of the day.

I bought and ate a Totino's pizza (shut up) and ice cream in a fit of OMG COMFORT FOOD, and listlessly watched some Namaste America, tried to read for awhile, and finally just gave up and took like a 4-hour nap in the middle of the day, because it was the only way I could quiet my head down. And of course, she was fine, and I needn't have worried so, but I will insist on making things difficult for myself, and can't control my emotions at the best of times. Spent that evening hanging out at Ellie's, just trying to be quiet company for her and Miss Thing, and left hoping that Kage could get comfortable and get some sleep.

Yeah, not so much. Ellie posted the next morning about the horrible night she'd had, Pye going completely insane and trying to attack her and Kage, and Herself jumping up on things and moving around too much, just awful, and that her paw seemed a lot worse. I rushed over, and...y'know in cartoons, when an anvil or a hammer flattens someone's hand or paw? That's what it looked like, her paw swelled to at least twice the normal size, but her leg otherwise normal. So I drove us back down to the vet, where we were told the sutures might have been pulling the skin too tight, or the circulation was just dead from the rooting around they had to do during the surgery. Wanted to keep her three days, to see what happened, since amputation would likely be necessary if the latter issue. Which was...gah. Spent the rest of the day quietly hanging out with Ellie and Pye, hoping he would calm the hell down, and we went to see Kage again that evening, and were happy to hear that the swelling was going down. She seemed a lot better than that morning, though cross at being bandaged and coned and IV'd into immobility.

I went to visit Kage and to take her medicine down yesterday, and she was so much better. Having the sutures removed means her leg's healing as an open wound now, so it was bandaged, and the cone was removed for the time being. She shifted and started purring the second I opened her cage, even flexing/kneading her hurt paw a little, inside the bandage, which made me so so happy to see, I nearly burst into tears. We also went down to see her together before doing dance stuff at Monica's, and Missy was again really happy to see us, purring and looking so much better. Were told that we could take her that night, even, since she was doing so much better, but we weren't really prepared for that, and are going to pick her up tonight (Ellie will be here soon!) instead.

So it's been a bit of a rollercoaster week, but I'm hoping the worst is over (especially for Ellie, I hope tonight is better than Monday night), and that Kage can heal and we can all relax a bit. Just please think happy restful kitty thoughts for all of us, because I'm finding it hard to think of much other than this right now, and every little support helps.

boots and Bollywood

This has been a really good week, and I've seen so many people, which has made it so. Finally ate at that Caribbean restaurant in Palo Alto (delicious, and more than one vegetarian option!), saw yet another awesome Bollywood movie (Chak De! India was fantastic, and exactly what I needed right now, with no soppy romantic crap), caught up on most of the second season of Flight of the Conchords, and am finally up to date on BSG. And all of this was done with most excellent company across the board.

Dance class tonight was a little weird, in that the teacher singled me out (there were only 5 of us there, though) to reposition my arms, showing they needed to be at a 90-degree angle...and ten seconds later showed us the move again and was right back out at 180. A couple of years ago this would have devastated me, I'd have thought myself a hack and a failure as a dancer, but tonight I was just kind of frustratedly laughing, because WTF? Really illustrated how much more centered and confident I am these days, which was pretty freaking awesome. Still loving the class, though the punjabi dance is much more my style than the traditional kathak (slow and graceful I am not), and ooh, she played us music for a rajasthani routine that I cannot wait to get to--I'll likely take a second session of the course if she's teaching that!

So, story time, and then I must sleep: I ended up on OkCupid today because I just had to take this vocabulary test to prove mine's big (yeah, I'm a size queen--read to me, baby), after not logging in for like 8 months or more. Looked at the few pieces of mail I'd been sent, and decided to make a couple of changes to my profile and upload a new picture or two, because I'm thinking about trying this dating thing, since I'm certainly not meeting anyone as things stand.

I put up the full-length shinydress shotCollapse ) because yeah, it's pretty hot (and that's all me, no bodyflattening undergarments at all, which I'm kind of proud of, as even when I was a wee little skinny thing, I thought I was fat because my stomach wasn't completely flat: progress! I am wearing a fantastic bra, though). Within like a minute of uploading this, some guy messages me, asking what RHPS (which I'd mentioned in the pic label) is, and why I have my wave tattoo. He said he loved the Hokusai "painting" (points off since it's a woodcut), and then commented on the dress shot being sexy, all short skirt and high boots. I'm like, thanks, I love the dress, blah blah. Then he asks if I wear a lot of boots, and how many pairs I have? O.O Tally one for the fetishist count, and from Finland, no less. I begged off to run errands and closed that window down posthaste. Dating, oy. There will be a lot of stories to come if I really do this thing!

back on track

I'm back on doing the pushups, just missed three days (Fri-Sun) for being sick. Friday was by far the worst of the cold, and I started feeling better Saturday and Sunday. Now I'm still coughing and more plegmy than I want, but feeling otherwise myself again, which is marvelous.

Much socializing lately, which is also marvelous; went to help out Ellie with Miss Thing's water treatment on Sunday night and stayed for a couple of hours to chat, then came back and dropped by next door with Teo Tot's (very belated) birthday gift, and ended up staying for dinner, a glass of wine, and eventually the bottle of cider I popped back here for. We talked until way later than any of us intended, but it was lovely to just do so (and to get tipsy!), and I really needed it.

Monday I was all messed up from DST and from sleeping badly for angst from Sunday morning (agonizing and heartbreaking but necessary, and I'm better for it), and didn't get a lot done, but that evening was again holding Kage down for treatment, and then we worked on a new double veil choreography to a track from Slumdog Millionare, which I love. It's fun and flirty and oh hey I never linked that old video:

My last performance, over two years ago, complete with horrible costume drama the night before. But I'm enormously proud of both the routines and how I did throughout--I've always had trouble looking up when I dance, afraid of seeing what the audience thinks of me (have this terrible habit of assuming the worst), but I somehow went for it especially during the second number, and just love it.

I have digressed! Today I had tea with tamago and then picked up tersa from the train station and ended up spending the afternoon with her, catching up and hearing about her trip to India. And she brought me this gorgeous dark teal silk cotton tunic (kurti?), which I cannot wait to wear, plus I got to see all the other stuff she brought back for people and mmm, so much pretty silk. bryant's flight ended up being 3 hours late, so it was just me next door for dinner, but Christy and I giggled over commercials with Bollywood stars afterwards, and then I headed off to the airport to fetch Bryant, swung him by In n Out, chatted a bit and then he went to fall over. I...should not have had the caffeinated tea, but hopefully I can pass out soon. His visit was supposed to keep me honest, since I can't (or won't, as aigh, not the laptop) play stupid hours with him in the guest/computer room!