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So because I know not my entire world is on Facebook (annoying it may be, but it suits my iPod-using lazy online nature these days), I'm reposting:

I'm engaged! My amazing boyfriend Mike (well, fiancee now!) proposed to me on Saturday night, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Collapse )

(also, hi people, it's been awhile!)

so this hair thing

Prompted by my complaints of "long hair is too much work to dye" and the subsequent comments on Facebook, I've been thinking about my hair, and the crazy colors thing I've been doing for the last 15 years (goodness, that's awhile).

Collapse )

This is some mixed-up ramble, right here, trying to figure out how I feel about this, what I want to do with my hair, my very identity. Which is kind of weird to realize, but yeah, I've been doing this dyeing stuff almost half my life, it's definitely a part of me. I want comments, and probably to talk about this in person with folks as I try to figure myself (my hair!) out, so bear with me while I pester some lot of you.
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showing off!

Wheeeeeee hee hee, still giddy this morning, but holy crap tired. I gotta go reblack my eyes and hair (wearing the Bowler at con today), but wanted to repost these first.

First, Corli got the video up already, yaaaaaay!

[eta: wtf, where did the rest of my entry go? Ok, I'm messing something up today, since every time I do the YouTube embed thing, is actually _eats_ everything else I said, and I'm too punchy to have thought to copy it all the second time. Feh. But I love you all, my non-FB friends, so I made it work!]

Glenn found a picture (of some) of us in the paper!

And Robert (our boy Bowler) has some pictures of the Bowlers up already, here, here, and a silly one of the Space Girls reunited. More to come, I'm sure!
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Judge's Choice, baby! Our big Mystery Men group just won at Wondercon's masquerade, and wooooooo whee fun. I need to go shower and pass out (covered in makeup and black hairspray), but will update with video and many many picture links in a day or two. I can't wait to share it with you all, this group was such a blast!

I didn't need you to come with me, I just wanted to watch you walk.

Or whatever it was you said, Breanna; too much booze in me tonight to remember anything properly.

So it was Rocky again tonight, and woo, does that continue to be fun. I'm still thinking about joining security, but haven't quite gotten my schedule straight/nerve up for it. And I also don't have nearly as many trashy clothes as I thought, I'm running out of ideas for what to wear already (but looked fabulous tonight, or as Breanna said, fierce).

I think there was something more I meant to say, but it's 3am and I'm tiiiiired, and I'm raiding, then raiding, then have rehearsal and finally dinner with Raven and Liz tomorrow, so it's gonna be a silly day, and I should really go to sleep.

I promise I'll post pics of my awesome new hair color, though, for those folks not on Facebook (yeah, I'm lazy, it's easy), before too much time has passed. For now, bed!

[Edit: Oh ooh yeah, because this was hilarious and awesome: we ate at Chevy's because Breanna's mom was doing her balloon thang there (and she made me a Tinkerbell, it's adorable), so I started off with a Long Island Iced Tea, figuring it'd be cheaper there than at the bar we went to before the show. The bartender made it strong, woo. And then when Breanna ordered another drink he handed her one on the house that he said was an extra...and then a few minutes later set a glass down in front of me, saying "You look like a girl who likes to party," and poured the top shot into a cadillac margarita. <.< I've had more tequila in the last 5 days than in the last ten years, it's kinda silly. Good times, though.]
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but subject lines still defeat me

Ms. Button requested that I post more about my "adventures" on LJ, but sad to say they've been few and farbetween of late. I tend to put little snippets on Facebook (I know, I know) with some regularity, especially after getting an iPod Touch as an early birthday gift (as the hard drive died on my old 20G iPod again), but I know not everyone has succumbed to that site (hi, Carl!), and some kindly soul (thanks, whoever!) re-upped my LJ account to paid so I don't have to suffer through stupid slow-loading ads, and well. Hi.

I've been back in ND for the last couple of weeks, meeting my newest niece (born just before Xmas) and going to my first niece's 3rd birthday party (at a gymnasium, where I jumped and swung and balanced (badly) and oh man, I wish I had a trampoline, so so much fun), and generally hanging out with my family and visiting the cold-ass white (so much snow!) north. I may post other little bits eventually (gonna try to be better about updating, Kathleen said something about people trying to get back to LJ, and as I'm climbing out of this two-year haze of WoW and oh god don't ask, I may have more to say than Facebook can handle), but want to sleep soon, so tonight I'll simply crow about the mini adventure I did have.

I made beads! Two of them, lampwork glass beads, currently hanging out in a kiln in town. My sister-in-law's mother makes bead (and metal jewelry and other interesting glass whatnots), and was kind enough to let me run amok (with my brother and SiL and most-wee niece hanging out as well) in her studio tonight. She showed me how to do some nifty tricks, I watched her make a fish bead, and made two beads myself (one round and pink, the other blue and kinda oval) that'll probably look awful, but were terrifically fun to play with. I also watched her make a wee silver ring, and then made one for myself, which was perfectly awesome, and I bought a few beads and copper pendant-pieces, to play with some jewelry ideas of my own.

I haven't really been creative for way too long, and this made me want to do things. I want to assemble that duct-tape dress form (which I should also talk about) that the excellent karenbynight taped me up for, and start sewing (ook, the Comic-Con costume, it'll be interesting), and need to start exercising more (I'm not unhappy with my curves, but would like a little less of me when parading around onstage in July wearing Not Much, because gravity is a harsh mistress, and fanboys are not always kind), and need to find a job (more on this at some point), and yeah. Just tired of stagnating, of my life being nothing but pixels and angst (don't ask), I want to do things. Here's hoping this lasts (and that I can finally kick this cold/flu/whatever that's had me coughing for the last three weeks) through getting home on Tuesday, and beyond!
Twilight lulz--prairie dog!

Yeah, more more rum now!

So I'm over at Chris and Christy's for xmas eve dinner, and its brilliant. Excedelltent company, fantastic efood (Im in love with the creamaed spinach), and oh, hey, ther's beooze. Wine to start, and I added more wine to the Glogg (wtheres' an umlaut, but I can't possibly), and oh overboozed my eggnog (MORE RUM, MORE NOG) and I'm having a Very GOod Night.

And then they started ragging me about my extreme pingkenees (that 's pinkness, really, because I go pink when tipsy), and sai something about the rum being gone, and Teo started crowing the subject line, which was every kind of adorable.

I also apparently say "It's good times" a lot while drinking. ANd Christy's mom brought a puzzle that is entirely too chanllenging, although that migh be the drink talking. Althogh in the spirit of Horse/Hippotamus, I started going "puzzle/posting" while being distarcted by theis.

sadly, my LJ subscription has expired so my icon selection is truncated (hey, I spelled that right, but HI TRUN, that made me think of you), and you'll have to make do with sily Twilight instead of something proper, but hey. Imagine I'm the captain of teh carpait (look at that spelling, that's amazing) ship. So maybe more later, but hi LJ land, I hate your 30-second Bst buy adds, so don't load you very often anymore. <3 anyway
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lazy, well, web

For those not on Facebook, because I need all the help I can get--anyone have recommendations for a good salon/stylist? I want to get my hair cut, because it's mostly straight and blah, and want someone good because I'm direly afraid of getting a bad haircut and just chopping it all off again. My hair's past my shoulders, this is the longest it's been in years!

Also, meant to do this nearly a month ago, but there's pictures and video (both taken by the incomparable Cordelia) of my dance performance last month. Pics from all three pieces I was in, video of just the double veil, check it out if you haven't seen!

night of awesome

So earlier we danced at Silicon, which was kind of ridiculous in that there were more dancers (and their SOs) than actual audience members, but hey, I love sharing Ringa Ringa (speaking of, I need to dig up the link and post that here), and it's always fun to get tarted up for the stage and wear my lehenga.

Then it was off to Dandia! Ellie and I went to Jamba (and me to In 'n Out for fries, which took freaking forever), at Mercado, which was a little funny as she was in salwar and me in lehenga, and both of us full of makeup and hairspray, but hey. We walked up to the entrance just as Vikashni arrived, which was perfect, and proceeded to have a great deal of fun, even if there wasn't nearly enough actual dandia dancing. Lots of garba, which we didn't really know the steps for (especially not for the awesome really fun-looking stuff, alas), but it was fun to watch, and we jumped in here and there. Everything ran late, and announcements went forever, and we barely got to dandia (yay sticks! mine have bells at the end) before we had to run off, because it was Kelly's debut as a tranny in Rocky Horror tonight!

Corli and Breanna were wearing a cheongsam and kimono, respectively, so I just stayed in my lehenga, rounding out the Asian look. It's quite chilly to hang out outside in a sleeveless choli, let me tell you. But the show was a lot of fun (<3 Bawdy Caste), and I only got maudlin right before the slow dance (last time I was there, it was as a couple, and well), but the gorgeous security guy rescued me (seriously, I was sitting next to this spazzy and incredibly drunk young man all night, who grabbed me at random moments, and I know he expected to dance with me), which was pretty damn nice.

Now it's time to go pass the hell out, after scrubbing all this makeup off my face.
dance--veil sweep

performance Saturday

I've been meaning to post about this for oh, 2-3 weeks now, but I'm dancing at an event on Saturday evening, and would love it if people could come by.

ebonlock and I (with another friend) have been working on a new double veil piece for months now, fiddling and changing bits right up to the last moment, and we're finally showing it off (and it's really good, if I do say so my, er, ourselves, since it was totally design by committee). I'm also going to be in traditional punjabi and Bollywood-punjabi numbers with my current dance teacher, Vikashni. This means costume changes and gorgeous colors (color scheme=yes!), and there's going to be a bunch of other performers there, too (cabaret belly dance, Chinese ribbon dance, flamenco, even magickalmolly's Thrill the World group). Plus there'll be food, it's a potluck that we're all bringing refreshments for (I think this only applies to the dancers, but if you wanna contribute, please feel free!).

It's at Sophisto Salon, 1177 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126, and starts at 7pm. I'll be doing the double veil piece probably a bit before 8pm, and the Indian stuff 9ish, but encourage you to come for everything if you enjoy dance, as it looks like a great lineup. Hope to see some of you there, I'll post pics and video after if not!