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aelfsciene's Journal

ever so plucky
18 February 1976
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I'm always blue-haired Angie at heart (no matter my hair color), though I don't wear much glitter anymore, except when dancing. Lost my job after the Yahoo buyout, so now I'm in the Santa Cruz area, back at college after 8 years off, following my dream to become a marine ecologist. Life's interesting. I've recently given up the ghost on my old blog (feed here), so expect more traffic here. Especially while I'm free for the summer!
action figures, anime, aquariums, art, avatar: the last airbender, baking, batgirl, battlestar galactica, bellydance, billy boyd, blue hair, blue monday, boiled in lead, bollywood, books, brian froud, candles, cats, catwoman, celtic rock, cephalopods, cirque du soleil, comic books, cooking, cosplay, costuming, coupling, crochet, cuttlefish, dancing, david tennant, deep space nine, doctor who, dominic monaghan, draco and the malfoys, driving, ecology, elementals, elements, environmentalism, faerie, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, fencing, fire, gaming, glitter, gloomy bear, green man, gryffindor, hard cider, harry potter, hats, hello kitty, hiking, hockey, homestar runner, hong kong films, hot tubs, invader zim, j. w. waterhouse, japanese language, kissing, kitsune, kitty pryde, knives, kuromi, labyrinth, liberal, lieutenant kara 'starbuck' thrace, lilo and stitch, live music, lord of the rings, lost, lush, manga, marine biology, masks, mermaids, middle eastern dance, mike mignola, mix discs, miyazaki, movies, music, mystere, mythology, naginata, nightcrawler, oceans, original art, owls, paleontology, peter pan, photography, piano, pirates, reading, recycling, red elvises, rum, san jose sharks, sandman, sca, science fiction, scifi, scuba diving, sex, shah rukh khan, shells, singing, society for creative anachronism, sokka, star trek, starbuck, stargate sg-1, storms, strong bad, strong women, swing music, sword fighting, swords, taiko, tattoos, the colbert report, the daily show, the sea, the x-files, tiki, toys, urban fantasy, used bookstores, vegetarian, venture bros, water, waves, wind, wings, wit, world of warcraft, x-men, xena